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What is MPS?

HP Managed Print Services (MPS) is a new way to print with maximum efficiency. It eliminates the need for manual authentication and speeds up the printing process. Prints are commissioned using a secure card identification which allows users to easily access printers connected to MPS. HP MPS with card identification can save time, money and resources while providing secure access to shared printers.

What features can you enjoy with MPS?

With HP MPS card ID, companies can enjoy fast and efficient MPS printing and be sure that their data is well protected. Furthermore, it locks out unauthorized personnel from accessing confidential information stored on corporate networks as well as reducing printing costs by monitoring usage of printers across the organization.HP Managed Print Services (MPS) printing with card identification cards or user passwords  offers a level of convenience and security for businesses by allowing them to control who is able to access their printers. With this service, only authorized users are allowed access to the printer and its contents, making it easier for businesses to protect their valuable documents. This technology also provides faster turnaround times and improved efficiency by eliminating the time previously used in manual identification card processes. Furthermore, this service has the added benefit of enhanced security by preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to confidential documents. With ID card printing, HP Managed Print Services can help businesses ensure that their equipment is used by only those they choose.

The HP Managed Print Services is a revolutionary printing service that allows businesses to print using card identification methods. This unique system enables organizations to simplify the process of printing without the need of any other additional hardware or software. The printer learns your individual printing needs and preferences and accordingly streamlines the entire process through an easy-to-use card identification system. With HP Managed Print Services, businesses can improve efficiency, accuracy and also cut down on costs as they do not have to pay for physical equipment or purchase additional software modules.

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HP managed printer services

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